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These are the other options on offer that do NOT entail live structured classes via a fixed timetable, i.e. They are designed for those students that need total time flexibility.

Self-study: Curriculum plus ongoing Online Assessments/Exams

If you subscribe to this option then you will be able to download digital textbooks (ebooks) that cover the curriculum for the grade/s that you wish to study. In addition, you will have access to a daily student calendar that gives an outline as to what should be covered on which days; a study structure that helps keep you on track. Plus access to any relevant worksheets and video links. You pay a monthly subscription and can have access to these materials that are downloaded to your pc and can be studied at anytime during the period of study.

Students can access and take online exams to monitor your progress and assess how well they have understood the content covered in the curriculum. These assessments can be taken throughout the period of study and are multiple choice tests. After completion, your score/grade is displayed immediately and the record of all assessments taken is stored in your student panel’s Assessment Report for later reference.

Standard with Audio: Cyber School On Demand

This is “on demand” non live schooling whenever you want it! You receive the above stated “Curriculum plus ongoing Assessments/Exams” option plus have access to each daily lesson via audio. Here the lessons are structured in carefully pre-recorded audio format that allows students to access “school” at anytime, whenever it suits them.

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