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Fees for 2022

These are the three options on offer for students to access academic content:

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(Based on your preferences, any of these subjects can be excluded)
**(These courses are only offered for GED Levels 1 and 2)
*** (This is offered from grade 8 onwards)
(Akrikaans textbooks are not included in the above fees)

You Save $1 428 Per Year! (By Selecting Premium Option compared to Basic Option)

You Save $1 799 Per Year! (By Selecting Premium Option compared to Standard Option)

Please note that we are an international company that uses US Dollars as its base currency. You are quoted in Rand and charged in US Dollars as PayPal, our payment processor does not process payments in Rand. This means the Rand amount that you are charged will remain stable as we will adjust the US Dollar amount you are charged to compensate you for any changes in the exchange rate (either up or down). We monitor and make these adjustments on a weekly basis and your US Dollar invoices will be adjusted to help ensure you only pay as close as possible to the quoted Rand fees. So no need to worry about the exchange rate affecting you negatively!

You can pay with any debit/credit card, including a Capitec, ABSA, Nedbank, Standard and FNB savings/current account debit card. If you are unsure about paying online, contact us and we will walk you through the process whilst you do it and ensure it all runs smoothly. It’s very simple!

Should you enrol at a later date during the year after the academic year commences, you will be charged for the remainder of the year as per the instalments in the fees breakdown section/s below.

For a breakdown of the Annual Fees, please see below:

The chart below represents the fees increases percentages since 2014

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