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Students approach us from all educational backgrounds; some attended a previous school where schooling was of a poor standard, whilst others are very weak academically in certain important subjects. Others have even missed out on being schooled properly in the past and need to catch up! Most students that enrol with us should and need to be evaluated to determine the actual level or standard that they have attained and where they need extra help to get back up to the required level.

If they don’t, they will probably NEVER catch up and will struggle throughout their academic lives to stay on top of their studies and be at the level that they should be! This means the problem doesn’t go away or sort itself out, it actually deteriorates and worsens until the child inevitably fails a grade one or more times.

This results in a lowering of their self esteem and confidence. In fact, many never recover academically and emotionally, and this charts a course for their academic path for the rest of their lives; one of always “playing catch up”. Statistics show that if a child fails or is battling in the lower grades, he will almost certainly continue to battle in the higher grades. This is because each successive grade is a foundation that builds upon what was learnt in the previous grade. As the saying goes, “if you construct a building on shaky foundations,” it will never be solid and strong.”

The same goes for your child’s education.

So, there are a few steps that you need to take as a responsible parent regarding your child’s home schooling.

How the tests work:

Our team of teachers has setup multiple choice tests that cover each learning area for each grade. For example, if your son should be going into grade 8, then he should do satisfactorily on all the learning area tests for that grade.

Once your Evaluation Test has been setup, you will be emailed a login. You will then supervise your child to login and take the online tests. Depending on the grade in question, they may take a few hours collectively, and each subject can be done separately.

Each subject’s test will consist of multiple choice questions and answers. After completing each test, the system will calculate and display a score or grade for that test. The score will also be calculated as a percentage. Based on the scores attained, we will be able to determine the actual educational standard of the student. Based on the interpretation of those results, we will advise you on how to remedy the shortcomings and gaps that exist in his or her educational background thus far.

After taking the test/s, please email us c/o to let us know that you have completed all the tests so that we may request feedback and comments from the Teacher.

To book a test, contact us or indicate this option on your enrolment form.

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