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All students follow an International curriculum for home schooling from grades 2 to 9, and thereafter the United States based curriculum for two more years until they graduate with an internationally accredited high school equivalent, the GED high school diploma, issued by the State of Maine’s Dept. of Education, in the USA.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2012-2013 Global Competitiveness Report (pages 325 and 361), South Africa is ranked 140 out of 144 countries for the overall quality of its education system, and 143 out of 144 countries for Maths and Science. The United States is ranked 28th for its overall quality.

This simply means that the South African matric’s credibility is not collapsing, but has already collapsed! There are no reasons why any caring parent would want to associate their child’s education with what is considered by many to be a worthless piece of paper.

Obtaining the GED “matric/grade 12” equivalent still allows farther study at a tertiary level in South Africa, plus is also recognised internationally. So with no downside and only advantages, why look elsewhere.
For grades 2 – 9, the curriculum for home schooling adheres to the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) as stipulated by the South African Department of Education’s guidelines. The textbooks up to grades 4 are from commonly used publishers. For grades 5 and above, our own qualified teachers have developed the textbook resources. They are continually updated and improved upon to cater for an ever changing world. For the GED, we have structured textbooks to adequately cater for student preparation to pass the final exams.
We offer a comprehensive range of individual and group extra lessons.

“See the extra lessons” section for more information.
We have developed a comprehensive series of English language courses that will help remedy that problem! They are designed for second language English speakers or those English speakers that need assistance to improve their English.

This course is called English Partner Pro and caters for all levels of English assistance and can be completed after hours, during holiday periods, and at a student’s convenience and pace. There are 29 courses starting from beginner to tertiary and a pre-admission assessment will guide each student into the appropriate course level.

English Partner Pro: These are supplementary English skills (Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking) to help ensure a higher command of English for tertiary study and or for your professional life and career. There are 5 courses that can lead to the international Cambridge IELTS accreditation and a further 5 courses to bring your English up to a level acceptable for Tertiary study.

See the webpage English Partner Pro
No. All lessons are structured and delivered by qualified teachers. You, as the parent are welcome to supplement with any extra education that you feel is appropriate.
As the parent you need to ensure that your child “attends” and participates in school by being logged in to the classroom at the prescribed times as per his classroom timetable and the school term calendar. In addition, as would be normal in any school situation, monitor and supervise his progress and ensure he completes his homework assignments. You are welcome to supplement this with any extra lessons where you feel this is appropriate.
Students take graded Assessments (exams or tests) on a regular basis. The results can be accessed in their “Assessment Report” section after logging in. This allows parents and students to monitor their progress throughout the year. Assessments are taken for each subject and you will quickly be able to determine whether any extra revision or assistance is needed in a particular subject or not. If yes, you will be able to take corrective action during the year and not at the end when it is too late! Your child will be given a total running cumulative grade for each subject during the year and you will be able to see how well he is doing from month to month. At the end of each year, a transcript will be provided that shows the subjects taken and grades achieved.

(The report cards issued are for parents to monitor the progress of their children. They are not official documents as we are not a registered school, and are for you and Cyber School to assess his/her suitability to proceed on to the next year’s grade)
All answers provided in previous Assessments (exams) are available for revision purposes. This means students can re-access all their past Assessments and see how they answered plus see the correct answer and read the reasoning for that answer being correct.
Yes, we supply digital downloadable textbooks from grade 5.

See the textbook section for more information.
We use the South African Gauteng Province private school calendar. The school day starts at approx. 08h00 and ends at approx. 13h00, from Monday to Friday. There are regular breaks between lessons and students do not spend more than three hours collectively per day in online lessons.


We only use qualified, experienced teachers. Parents should bear in mind that this environment is considerably more controlled and has less disruptions than a typical classroom, which results in a dedicated, distraction-free teacher and student environment. This makes teaching much easier as it facilitates better quality learning, resulting in a superior learning experience when compared to students in a traditional noisy, distracting overcrowded classroom.

Anneke L. – Teacher

6th Year with Cyber School
• Graduate of Pretoria Teachers College
• More than 17 years teaching experience
• More than 5 years additional working experience

Yvette D. – Teacher & Head of Academics

4th Year with Cyber School
• 4 year teaching degree (1990 – 1994)
• More than 18 years teaching experience

Lorraine F. – Student Support and Admin Supervisor

6th Year with Cyber School

Charezz C. – Live Chat Support

5th Year with Cyber School

Stephanie G.

6th Year with Cyber School
Stephanie brings over 30 years of public relations, sales and marketing experience to Cyber School.

Fred H. - Fun Ambassador

• Fun Ambassador and Chess Club coach.

Oscar C. - Graphic Design

• Graduate of Higher Technician in Informatics
• More than 7 years Technical Support experience and Graphic Design.

Richard Gain – CEO & Founder

Richard has more than 26 years small business management experience and supports and manages the team of dedicated team members that all constantly strive to bring you a world class online education experience. He principally drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth
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