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Mobile Phone
and Internet Literacy

A course for young and old, and for the technologically disadvantaged. This course will teach you the basics on how to use a computer to your advantage.

The vast majority of our children need basic mobile phone, computer/pc and internet literacy skills to thrive in future. Yet, we assume or take it for granted that because we all live in the Information Age that everyone knows what they need to regarding these vital topics.
A hidden benefit of being a Cyber School student is that your child will emerge as being fairly proficient in English (if it isn’t their native language) and PC and internet literate, as this is an entirely virtual environment.
We have created a course that covers the essential topics a young student may need. The course consist of 15 modules.

The topics include -

For more information, mouse over the level.

Level 1

Basics Computing
Learn the basics of the computing, the types of computers, and the importance of using it.

Level 2

Mobile Phone
Learn about the main features of mobile phones, the types of mobile phones and the benefits of using them.

Level 3

Software and Hardware
Learn the meaning of Software & Hardware and learn to differentiate them.

Level 4

Components of a computer
Know the internal and external components of a computer, and learn which devices are input and output.

Level 5

Operating System (OS)
Know the language of the computer, the main function of operating systems and the types of operating systems.

Level 6

Use of Windows 10
Learn how to use Windows 10 and know the different applications that it has.

Level 7

Learn the basics of the Internet, different types of web browsers and social media.

Level 8

Learn the basic concepts of networks, what is its classification and topologies.

Level 9

Informatic Security
Know the dangers of the Internet and how to protect your information.

Level 10

Google Apps & Tools
Know the most used search engine in the world and its main features and apps.

Level 11

Know the different types of multimedia files that exist and the most used tools.

Level 12

Microsoft Office Word
Know about the types of word processors, learn how to use Microsoft Word and its main tools.

Level 13

Microsoft Office Excel
Learn how to use Microsoft Excel and its main tools.

Level 14

Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint and its main tools.

Level 15

Microsoft Office Publisher
Learn how to use Microsoft Excel and its main tools.

If you select to buy the course in installments you will pay $66 per 5 levels, and there are a total of 15 levels, totaling $197 payable in advance.

Or you can select to pay the full amount upfront for which you receive the $39 discount! This totals $158 for the full course (all 15 levels)(Full amount $197)

Computer, Mobile Phone & Internet Literacy

$ 66

Computer, Mobile Phone & Internet Literacy

$ 158
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